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adsb ADS-B Out upgrades: Think beyond the mandate - Like thousands of other operators, you are probably looking at ADS-B Out upgrade options for your aircraft.  With ADS-B Out mandates just three short years away, the clock is ticking to get your aircraft compliant.  While you need to get moving to meet the mandate, don’t rush so fast that you’ll overlook some important details.…
Businessman with laptop working on corporate jet Is it really a business jet if it has no internet connection? - When traveling abroad, understanding a few basic foreign language phrases can go a long way in making it a better experience, versus not having any at all. The same goes for internet in a business jet – even having a little bit of connectivity makes it a better experience, compared to not having it at…
Vintage photo of an old bi-plane. Connectivity: Point of no return - From visual signaling to the globally connected passenger, pilot and plane Flying in the old days was a heroic adventure for the aircraft, pilot and passengers. From visual signaling, megaphone and long days in route, no one would dare then to dream about easy air-to-ground communication, up-linking flight plans, aircraft tracking, cabin entertainment systems or…
FANS_AlphabetSoup Alphabet soup for pilots: FANS 1/A+ CPDLC and ADS-C - There’s a lot of talk lately about FANS 1/A+ CPDLC and ADS-C, but what does it really mean to operators? What is truly the value? FANS 1/A, or Future Air Navigation Systems, is the suite of avionics upgrades that implement Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Contract (ADS-C) and Controller Pilot Data Link Communication (CPDLC).  When position reporting is…
SummerGamesBlog_Part1_ITS Flying to the 2016 Summer Games - First and foremost, Landing permits As we inch closer to the long awaited Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro, deadlines for necessary arrangements are approaching to ensure fluid travel into the lively city. While all destinations require a certain amount of pre-planning, Brazil’s unique systems require a bit of additional attention. While landing in Brazil…
IMG_4802 Experiencing Bombardier’s C Series CS100 firsthand - Bombardier’s C Series CS100 was delivered to its launch customer, SWISS, on Wednesday, June 29, 2016.   I had the distinct pleasure of representing Rockwell Collins as one of the passengers on the maiden demonstration flight around the Montreal area.   This delivery celebration included senior executives from Bombardier, SWISS, key suppliers and the Canadian government.…

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  1. I have a question for any oldtimers at Collins Radio….
    Does anyone remember a gentleman named Ray Huggins?
    Ray worked with Navy personel in the radio repair facility at NAS Cecil Field near Jacksonville Florida.
    He was my mentor on the ARC 27.
    Absolutely a great guy. Time period was 1956-57


  2. Well as a concerned American citizen that believes in our freedom and rights and coming from a military family I’m a verydisturbed that you still have and employee by the name of Jamie Finnefrock😡Is still there. After watching his racist rants and craziness on Delta Airlines I would think you would get rid of somebody like that that would represent your company. I will make sure that everybody I work with at nordstroms knows what kind of company you are


    1. Laura- Thank you for your message. After an extensive internal investigation, as well as verification from Delta Airlines, it was confirmed that the person on Delta Flight 248 was incorrectly identified. The named employee was not on the flight. We share the concerns about the lack of respect displayed and will continue to reinforce a culture of integrity and inclusion at Rockwell Collins.


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