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The Changing Value of Travel: Why the journey itself may be more important than speed - As the comedian Louis C.K. pointed out one night on ‘The Late Show,’ a trip across the United States used to take the best part of a year and might cost you your life. Now it can be done in a few hours in comfort and great safety. Great advances in aviation transport have lowered…
Worth the Wait — FAA’s New EFVS Rule FAR 91.176 - The FAA has released the long-awaited Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS) rule FAR 91.176 that will bring numerous benefits to aviation. More specifically, the rule will expand applicability of EFVS for business aircraft owners and operators and introduce, for the first time, similar benefits to the air transport industry.  Up until now, other than by…
ADS-B Equipage in Australia – Not “If” but “When” - If you currently fly in or plan to fly in Australian airspace, some recent changes to ADS-B Out mandate enforcement dates may impact you. If you don’t have ADS-B Out now, your compliance date may vary, but you’ll eventually need to equip to fly Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) in Australian airspace.  On November 22nd, The…
ADS-B Out upgrades: Think beyond the mandate - Like thousands of other operators, you are probably looking at ADS-B Out upgrade options for your aircraft.  With ADS-B Out mandates just three short years away, the clock is ticking to get your aircraft compliant.  While you need to get moving to meet the mandate, don’t rush so fast that you’ll overlook some important details.…
Is it really a business jet if it has no internet connection? - When traveling abroad, understanding a few basic foreign language phrases can go a long way in making it a better experience, versus not having any at all. The same goes for internet in a business jet – even having a little bit of connectivity makes it a better experience, compared to not having it at…
Connectivity: Point of no return - From visual signaling to the globally connected passenger, pilot and plane Flying in the old days was a heroic adventure for the aircraft, pilot and passengers. From visual signaling, megaphone and long days in route, no one would dare then to dream about easy air-to-ground communication, up-linking flight plans, aircraft tracking, cabin entertainment systems or…

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  1. I have a question for any oldtimers at Collins Radio….
    Does anyone remember a gentleman named Ray Huggins?
    Ray worked with Navy personel in the radio repair facility at NAS Cecil Field near Jacksonville Florida.
    He was my mentor on the ARC 27.
    Absolutely a great guy. Time period was 1956-57


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