Experiencing Bombardier’s C Series CS100 firsthand

Bombardier’s C Series CS100 was delivered to its launch customer, SWISS, on Wednesday, June 29, 2016.   I had the distinct pleasure of representing Rockwell Collins as one of the passengers on the maiden demonstration flight around the Montreal area.  

This delivery celebration included senior executives from Bombardier, SWISS, key suppliers and the Canadian government. This celebration was the final milestone for a development program that lasted more than eight years and included the introduction of new features from both Bombardier and Rockwell Collins.

For Bombardier, this is the first clean-sheet design since the 1990s (and the first clean-sheet, single-aisle aircraft in the industry in more than 30 years) with new engine technology and it represents Bombardier’s first full fly-by-wire system. For us, C Series led the way for new software features on many domains such as the Flight Management Systems (FMS), Onboard Maintenance System (OMS), Human Machine Interface (HMI), Electronic Check list (ECL), etc., as well as new hardware such as the MultiScan weather radar with predictive windshear  and new-generation flight displays. It was also our first fully integrated avionics solution for the air transport market.

CSeriesBombardier and Rockwell Collins, with input from the airlines, spent a lot of time and effort to ensure that the new features met the demands of this new market segment for Bombardier.  All in all, there were more than 5000+ hrs of flight testing completed and 30 Rockwell Collins software deliveries—two examples of the tremendous effort that both our companies had to go through.

And now, it is time to watch and enjoy the fruits of that collaboration as I have witnessed myself on the maiden demonstration flight on the same day that SWISS accepted delivery of their first aircraft.  I saw firsthand how SWISS loves this aircraft and the Rockwell Collins systems onboard, and I enjoyed the positive feedback and recognition from our customer on our success and the strength of our relationship with Bombardier.  

It was a proud and humbling moment for me, and I know that the only reason it was possible is because of the dedication, professionalism and sacrifices from the hundreds of Rockwell Collins’ superb employees who contributed immensely to this great success story.  

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